Innis and Gunn Original  Edinburgh Scotland                  13oz  $7.75

Innis and Gunn Lager  Edinburgh Scotland                      20oz  $7.95

Innis and Gunn IPA  Edinburgh Scotland                           20oz  $7.95

Tennent’s Lager  Glasgow Scotland                                    20oz  $7.75

Tennent’s Stout  Glasgow Scotland                                     20oz  $7.95

Belhaven Best  Dunbar Scotland                                          20oz  $7.75

Belhaven Kilted Pilsner  Dunbar Scotland                          20oz  $7.75

Belhaven Scottish Ale  Dunbar Scotland                            20oz  $7.95

Belhaven 90 Shilling   Dunbar Scotland                              20oz  $7.95

Belhaven Black Stout  `  Dunbar Scotland                          20oz  $7.95

Bewdog Punked IPA  Fraserburgh Scotland                       16oz  $7.95

Junction Conductors Ale  Toronto, Canada                      20oz  $7.50


Crabbies Ginger Beer  Leith Scotland                                  16oz  $7.95

Queen Street Cider, Toronto Ont                                            16oz  $7.95

Collective Arts Local Press  Cider  Hamilton Ont              16oz  $7.95

Collective Arts Seasonal…  ask your server

Woodhouse Local Lager  Toronto Ont                                  16oz  $7.25  



Adamo 2015 VQA Niagra Ontario                                            8.50 /38

Cabernet Sauvignon, Lillypilly 2012/Riverina Australia           11/48

Montepuilciano D’Abruzzo,  2013/ Abruzzo Italy                       13/52


Adamo 2015 VQA Niagra Ontario                                            8.50/38

Sauvignon Blanc, Lillypilly  2013/Riverina Australia                 11/48

Pinot Grigio, Cantina Rauscedo 2014/Veneto Italy                 11/48

Chardonnay, Kendall l Jackson Vintners Reserve                 13/52


Prosecco, NV Hi Veneto Italy                                                        10/45

Champagne, Moet & Chandon                                                   120

Signature Cocktails

Ardbeg Caesar 1oz -15

Heavily Peated Ardbeg 10 yr Islay Single Malt with Clamato

and a Heaping of our Own Smoked Horseradish….award winner!

Hot Toddy 1oz -12

Honey, Cloves, lemon and 

Glenmorangie 10yr…Scottish tummy warmer

Rob Roy 2oz -14

A node to The Scottish folk hero Robert Roy MacGregor….

Blending Glenmorangie Lasanta Single Malt with Sweet Vermouth and Bitters

Royal Dornoch Arnold Palmer 1 oz -13

Iced Tea, Glenmorangie Original and fresh lemon juice

Tain Boulevardier 2oz- 15

10 Glenmorangie Single Malt, Campari, Sweet Vermouth

Rusty Nail 2oz -14

A unique blend of Highland Single Malt, spices and heather honey, fresh orange over ice

Fiddich Mac 2oz -14

Classic Highland Cocktail of Glenfiddich 12 yr,

Stones Green Ginger Wine, Fresh Lime over ice

Highland Champagne Cocktail 4oz -13

Dry Prosecco and Glenfiddich 12yr with a dash of Angostura bitters

Vesper Martini 2oz- 15

Invented by Ian Fleming in 1953 for the James Bond Novel Casino Royale

½ oz Gordons Gin, 1 ½ oz Vodka and ¼ oz Lillet, shaken over ice with a lemon peel

Smoky Martini 1½oz -14

Caorunn Scottish Gin, a dash of Ardbeg 10yr Islay Single Malt…..smoky perfection.

Brooklyn Pickleback 1oz -9

Invented at The Bushwick Country Club in Williamsburg Brooklyn,

A shot of Tullamore Dew followed by a back of pickle brine….a staff fav.

Highlander 1oz -12

Irn Bru and Vodka over ice

-plus all applicable t